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Monday - Thurday: 9am - 5pm
Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturday: Noon - 4pm

Phone: 919.557.BEER
Email: info@carolinabrew.com

Year Round Brews

Our year-round beers are available in both bottles and kegs.  You can find the bottles in many grocery stores throughout the Triangle area and beyond.


Carolina Pale Ale

This amber colored beer is an American style pale ale. Three varieties of American grown hops create a pleasing bitterness, aroma and lingering hop taste. Our Pale Ale's medium-light body and clean taste make it an excellent accompaniment to a fine meal or a satisfying drink all by itself.  It is 5.1% ABV.



Carolina India Pale Ale

Our IPA is more heavily hopped and higher in alcohol than our Pale Ale. It is brewed with pale, caramel and cara-pils malts and finished with lots of Cascade and Crystal hops for a strong, citrus/piney flavor and aroma. It is 5.4% ABV.


Carolina Nut Brown Ale

A medium bodied, dark brown ale with a complex chocolatey, toasted malt taste. The word "nut" in the name implies a dry nut-like taste that makes it distinct from some of the sweeter brown ales. We use five different types of malted barley to give the beer its color and variety of malt flavors.  It is 4.9% ABV.



Seasonal Brews

Our seasonal beers are now available in bottles in the marketplace. Look for our seasonals in a store or bar near you. Don't worry, you can still buy them directly from the brewery whenever you want to visit us.


SPRING - Carolina Spring Bock

The goat will always be back! Brewed in the style of a German Maibock, expect a smooth, fresh, malty taste and a slight alcohol warming sensation from this pale lager beer. It is brewed from pilsner, munich, carapils  and caramel malts and Hallertau hops.

6.5% ABV.


SUMMER - Carolina Summer Ale

Our summer Ale is a Kolsch/Extra Pale Ale Hybrid. We took the best of two great beer styles, an Extra Pale Ale and a Kolsch, to create this one of a kind beer. It combines Pale and Crystal barley malt with malted wheat to give it a crisp flavor. It doesn't finish quite as sharp as a pale ale; due to the wheat it's a little fuller and rounder. It has a golden color, and is finished with Washington state Nugget an Cascade hops. We ferment it for 4 weeks using a subtle American ale yeast.

4.8% ABV.



FALL - Carolina Oktoberfest Lager

The Oktoberfest Lager is a smooth, amber lager with caramel and toffee malt flavors, noble hop flavors and a slight warming sensation from the higher than average alcohol content (5.6% ABV). Balance is important. Fermentation and lagering take place over a six week period at cool temperatures to produce the smooth round flavor.

5.6% ABV.

WINTER - Carolina Winter Porter

Our winter Porter is a dark, black ale brewed in the style of a robust American Porter. It is a balance of roasted malt flavor from black and chocolate malts combined with hop bitterness and citrusy hop aroma from Cascade hops.

5.2% ABV.

Special Brews


Anniversary Beers

We brew a small batch of something special every year to celebrate our Anniversary. The beer is released on July 3rd at our Anniversary celebration at 42nd Street Oyster Bar. Come and join us for the fun. In 2014, our 19th year, we are making an Imperial IPA. It is hopped with a ridiculous amount of Columbus, Magnum and Cascade and then dry-hopped with more of the same and an added dose of Crystal  hops. There is just enough malt character to hold it all together. Hop heads delight, your beer is coming.

It is 9.1% ABV and 95 IBU.



Groundhog Day Beers

This year’s Groundhog Day marks the return of our Imperial Stout. This dark roasted ale gets its color and flavor from crystal and black malt and roasted barley. Nugget and Willamette provide the hop character. The flavor is loaded with intense roasted coffee, bitterness, and dark chocolate notes. It has a dry edge with a nice alcohol flavor all making for a great winter beer. No groundhogs were harmed in the making of this beer.

O.G. 22.25P ABV 9.5%



Holiday Beers

We typically brew something higher in alcohol to celebrate the Holiday Season that is normally released around Christmas. This year we brewed Old 392 Barleywine. First brewed in 2005, Old 392 Barleywine is named after House Bill 392 that was passed into law allowing beer over 6% alcohol in North Carolina. This is a rich, chewy, amber colored beer with a warm, alcohol taste, a strong hop aroma and a dry finish. It has Cascade in the boil and is dry hopped with Cascade and Centennial. There are lots of citrus, pine, and fruit notes in the hop aroma and flavor.

ABV 9.1%  IBU 85


WIGGO! IX 2013

Wiggo is a malty, copper-colored IPA.  We use lots of dark caramel malt to balance the aroma and flavor from the hops.  We use Nugget and Cascade hops in the boil and this version has a heavy dose of Columbus and Magnum for dry hopping in the fermenter.  Columbus and Magnum are higher alpha acid hops that add fruit, citrus, and earthy spice aromas. GIVE THANKS! ABV 6.3%  IBU 59


This is our 9th version of WIGGO!







Dark Crystal India Pale Ale

To celebrate NC Beer Month we’ve made our first ever Black IPA. The Crystal in the name refers to the hop that is the focus of this beer. We used Caramel, Carapils, and Blackprinz malts combined with Nugget, Cascade, and Crystal hops. Crystal is the aroma addition and then used again to dry hop. The result lets the spice, herbal, fruit, and floral aroma and flavors shine through. 6-pack $9 and Seasonal keg pricing.

7.1% ABV; 64 IBU