Carolina Pale Ale

5.1% ABV • 36 IBU

This golden colored beer is an American style pale ale. Three varieties of American grown hops create a pleasing bitterness, aroma and lingering hop taste. Our Pale Ale's medium-light body and clean taste make it an excellent accompaniment to a fine meal or a satisfying drink all by itself.


6.3% ABV • 54 IBU

Wiggo! is a malty, copper-colored IPA. There is a lot of dark caramel malt to balance the aroma and flavor from the hops. We use Nugget and Cascade hops in the boil with Mosaic and El Dorado for dry hopping. Cascade brings the classic pine and grapefruit while Mosaic and El Dorado add aroma and flavor of tropical fruit, citrus, berry, herbal, earthy, and pine.

Brown Ale

4.9% ABV • 21 IBU

A medium bodied, dark brown ale with a complex chocolatey, toasted malt taste.  It has a dry finish that makes it distinct from some of the sweeter brown ales. We use five different types of malted barley to give the beer its color and variety of malt flavors.

Hop Roar West Coast Style IPA

7.5% ABV • 85 IBU

This light bodied brew uses pale, caramel 10, carapils, and Caravienne malts. Hops include Columbus, Centennial, and Citra in the boil with Chinook, Amarillo, and more Citra in the dry hop. This beer has lots of pine, grapefruit, tropical fruit, citrus, spice, floral, among other aromas and flavors.

Be Like Mike NE IPA

5.8% ABV • 47 IBU

We brewed this beer for our 23rd Anniversary and it was such a hit we have kept it going. This New England IPA is juicy, fruity, and of course hazy to go with a mild bitterness. We used Golden Promise and Gambrinus Honey malts to sweeten it and lots of flaked oat and wheat to create the mouthfeel and haze. Mosaic, Amarillo, Citra, and El Dorado are the hop varieties. This combination of hops brings lots of citrus, tropical and stone fruits to the aroma and flavor. Looks like this one is here to stay!



Spring Bock

6.5% ABV

The goat will always be back! Brewed in the style of a German Maibock, expect a smooth, fresh, malty taste and a slight alcohol warming sensation from this pale lager beer. It is brewed from pilsner, munich, carapils  and caramel malts and Hallertau hops. Available March through May.

CBC-Summer Ale

Summer Ale

4.7% ABV - 22 IBU

We have a new recipe for 2018. This is a variation of our old Summer Wheat. Malted wheat makes up 30% of the grain and combined with the light caramel malt it has a light body and crisp refreshing taste. Nugget, Crystal, and Amarillo are the hops varieties used. Nugget for bittering with Crystal and Amarillo for aroma. The aroma hops add soft earthy, floral, herbal, and citrus notes. Available June through August.

CBC Oktoberfest Lager


5.6% ABV

The Oktoberfest Lager is a smooth, amber lager in the Marzen style with caramel and toffee malt flavors, noble hop flavors and a slight warming sensation from the higher than average alcohol content (5.6% ABV). Balance is important. Fermentation and lagering take place over a six week period at cool temperatures to produce the smooth round flavor. Available September and October.

CBC Winter Porter

Winter Porter

5.2% ABV

Our winter Porter is a dark, black ale brewed in the style of a robust American Porter. It is a balance of roasted malt flavor from black and chocolate malts combined with hop bitterness and citrusy hop aroma from Cascade hops. Available November through February.


CBC Imperial Stout

Imperial Stout

9.5% ABV • 74 IBU

This dark roasted ale gets its color and flavor from crystal and black malt and roasted barley. Nugget and Willamette provide the hop character. The flavor is loaded with intense roasted coffee, bitterness, and dark chocolate notes. It has a dry edge with a nice alcohol flavor all making for a great winter beer. No groundhogs were harmed in the making of this beer. Available February 2.

CBC-Imperial IPA

Imperial IPA

9.1% ABV • 95 IBU

Imperial IPA is hopped in the kettle with Columbus for bittering a ridiculous amount of Cascade, more Columbus, Centennial, Zeus, and Comet. Then we dry hopped with more Centennial, Zeus, and Comet.  There is just enough malt character to hold it all together.  The result is intense pine and citrus with softer flavors and aromas of spice, herbal, and earthy. It finishes with a big bitter punch. Look for it around Thanksgiving.


Pace Yourself Pilsner

5.1% ABV • 29 IBU

We brewed a classic Pilsner for our friends at Pace Yourself Run Company in Holly Springs. It is the official beer of the South Wake Beer Mile. The crisp light body from pilsner malt finishes with a spicy hop character from the Saaz Special hops.


Holiday Scotch Ale

6.0% ABV • 24 IBU

Our Holiday brew is a rich and malty ale from the Highlands. The deep red mahogany color comes from 6 different specialty malts that include Carapils, Caramel 120, Munich 10, Victory, Roast Barley, and Cherry Wood Smoked malt. It is lightly hopped with Nugget and Kent Goldings. The resulting flavors and aroma are sweet caramel, molasses, toffee, earthiness, and a slight smoky finish to balance the sweetness.


Five Star Coffee Porter

5.2% ABV • 37 IBU

We collaborated with our local roaster on this great Coffee Porter. This is a blend of Five Star’s Finca Santa Lucia Medium Dark Roast and our Winter Porter. There is a pronounced coffee nose of chocolate, caramel, and nuttiness which blends with the roasted malt flavor from black and chocolate malts. The coffee adds a creaminess to the beer while not overpowering the Porter. Hop bitterness is from Columbus hops with subtle citrus and pine hop aroma and flavor from Cascade hops.